4KF INTEGRO PVT LTD, is Incorporated with the Registrar of Companies, Pursuant to sub-section (2) of section 7 and sub-section (1) of section 8 of the Companies Act, 2013 (18 of 2013) and rule 18 of the Companies (Incorporation) Rules, 2014.

4KF ITNEGRO PVT LTD, referred to hereafter as THE COMPANY has launched its training module for teachers in India with the sole intention of improving the quality of education to students by training and upskilling the teacher forces in India. Integro offers training and provides job opportunities through internal openings and through its job search platform on its website www.teachersintegro.com.

By registering with the program teachers Integro, all members are governed by the following terms and conditions.

  1. Every member has read through the vision and mission of THE COMPANY from its website or the brochure provided thereof and has voluntarily and willingly opted to join TEACHERS INTEGRO, without any cohesive force from peers, employers or anyone who works in favour of THE COMPANY, namely its agents or marketing subsidiaries. A membership with Teachers Integro is deemed the sole discretion and decision of the subscribing member.
  2. Any teacher in India, from pre-primary to university levels, without any discrimination of cast, creed and religion can become a member of this Teachers Integro. All teachers who have signed up can opt to receive our monthly newsletters in English and in any of the nationalized regional languages. The newsletter will be very informative, keeping abreast of the signs of the times and in the interest of the teaching community. The subscriber can at anytime unsubscribe from the network.
  3. By signing in or by purchasing a membership, the subscriber gets access to a personalized dashboard on our platform. The subscriber thus, willingly discloses certain basic personal data like name, email id, phone number and those pertaining to his/her career and allows THE COMPANY to use them only for the purpose of communicating its business programs like trainings, job opportunities and welfare activities. THE COMPANY declares that their data will not be compromised and will not be made available to a third party for marketing or for any other purposes. The subscriber can also enable and disable job search functions and communication options on their dashboard.
  4. THE COMPANY will act as an educational platform for sharing teacher resources and hence offers the following memberships under applicable terms and conditions.
    1. Guest membership – free to all who sign up, free access to read newsletters and job listings
    2. Gold Membership – will have full access on the dashboard to all services as stipulated in the Teachers Integro brochure under ‘Gold Plus Membership’
  5. Payments: All payments with regard to any services offered by THE COMPANY are to be mandatorily made through digital and online money transfer facilities as shown on our website. The Company will not ask or recommend or authorize anyone to receive cash payments. The Company will not be responsible for any cash transactions to any of its agents across India. It’s as simple as that, no cash transactions exist with THE COMPANY.

  6. Invoices and receipts: All payments once realized will auto-generate a receipt in response to the payment and will be mailed to the registered email id or messaged to the registered mobile number. Copies of payment receipts will also be available on the dashboard of the registered member.

  7. Subscription fees: THE COMPANY reserves all rights to increase, decrease, revise the pricing for any of its services at any time without any prior notification to its subscribers. Such changes if any will be shared on its media platforms.

  8. Refunds: Teachers Integro offers invaluable services for the small subscription money under the Gold Plus membership. Hence refunds are not generally encouraged unless and otherwise the following conditions are met:

    1. The subscriber has not availed any of the services from THE COMPANY and a refund request is made within 7 days of payment realization. If a subscriber has availed any services and is reflected in the dashboard, then he or she is not eligible for a refund. No partial refunds are made.
    2. The subscriber’s dashboard is not working or stalled due to technical reasons. In this case, the subscriber should send a message to the customer care and the case will be solved within 48 hours, failing which the subscriber can ask for closure of membership and refund of the subscription fee. In such a case, the GST component paid to the government and bank charges if any will be deducted and the balance will be refunded to the bank or card account linked with the payment realization.
    3. A subscriber whose account has been disabled after a refund will not be able to join TEACHERS INTEGRO for the next two years.
  9. Terms and conditions on services offered by THE COMPANY

    1. Newsletter: A newsletter is free for all teachers in India and all who signup will be eligible to receive a monthly newsletter in English and in a regional language of their choice.

    2. Creating profile: A dashboard is assigned to a subscriber and he/she can edit information and voluntarily disclose or hide them at any time of the day. The information disclosed will be made available to potential employers seeking services of teaching experts in various domains. The subscriber accepts to receive messages and phone calls from our company executives and/or institutions for potential employment opportunities. The subscriber is free to upload a passport size photo to his/her profile, but it is not mandatory. The space can be left blank or an icon of choice could be added.

    3. Job search option: The Job search flag can be enabled (green) or disabled (red) on the dashboard. Once the flag is set red, the data of the subscriber will not be made available to potential employers.

    4. Demo-class: Each subscriber has the option to create and upload a short demo-class of about 15 minutes to their profile on the dashboard. This is optional, not mandatory. A subscriber can remove a video at any time through his/her dashboard.

    5. Writing a CV and covering letter: Integro offers standard template options to choose from and key in relevant information for the subscribers to create their own bio-data. Once complete, the subscriber can save and print a pdf version on our platform which will be mailed to them directly or could be download immediately. THE COMPANY will not store any CV or bio-data of any subscriber on its platform.

    6. Interview calls: If a potential employer is interested in accessing the profile of a subscriber, the subscriber will be intimated on email and/or on SMS and their profile and contact information will be shared with the employer, wherein, the subscriber may get an interview call directly from the employer. The company will not involve or interfere or influence in the internal and administrative matters of any institution or entity with regard to job opportunities. The subscriber will directly deal with the institution and submit all personal documents to them.

    7. Data security: The company will not ask the subscriber to deposit any sensitive personal information to THE COMPANY. The subscriber should not upload or handover copies of their personal documents to any agent in any part of India unless and otherwise a particular contractual agreement stipulates such a requirement. The documents not to be shared are: Aadhar card, Pan card, Passport, Voter ID, Educational certificates, Experience certificates, cast certificate, birth certificate, marks cards of school and university education etc. THE COMPANY WILL NOT BE IN ANYWAY RESPONSIBLE FOR MISUSE OF SUCH INFORMATION BY ANYONE RELATED TO OR NOT RELATED TO OUR COMPANY BUSINESS. INTEGRO STRICTLY ADVISES ALL ITS SUBSCRIBERS NOT TO SHARE SUCH INFORMATION WITH ANYONE EXCEPT WITH SERVICE PROVIDERS WHO MANDATE IT. THE COMPANY WILL NOT NEED THESE DOCUMENTS UNLESS A SPECIFIC SERVICE MANDATES IT OTHERWISE.

      The basic data disclosed to the Company on the dashboards will be safely maintained on our servers with suitable safety mechanisms befitting such needs as required by the companies acts under the government of India.

    8. Training programs: Integro will deploy AI to design and execute teacher training programs based on various factors. Such programs will be advertised on our website one month in Advance. The subscribers can click the link provided and join a program. Entry to a program can be auto disabled based on maximum capacity permissible under such a program. Integro will make sure that all teachers have access to at least two such training programs in a year. But there is no restriction for a teacher to participate in more than one training program.

      All general teachers training programs are free for the Gold plus members. However, a certificate fee of Rs.200 per course will be payable to avail a hard copy of signed certificates. This will ensure that no duplicates are fabricated or misused in course of time.

      Integro offers invaluable training programs with the help of highly qualified industry experts and offers it free to the teachers with the sole intention of upskilling them and upgrading the quality of education meted out to students under their watch.

    9. Teachers Corner: This is one place where teachers all over India can share categorized teacher resources free of cost. Uploading and downloading of contents is free. All contents uploaded will be scrutinized by our editorial board and will be uploaded to the Teachers Corner.

      It is strictly forbidden to share information that can bring nuisance or hatred among the members or can become contra-effective to the very goals of this platform. Hence the contents should be devoid of caste, creed, religion and political bias. In view of the same, Integro does not provide a platform for chatting or for providing views on such articles.

    10. Case Studies and competitions: Integro will announce educational case studies and competitions to keep the teacher- force hooked on to self-learning from day-to-day events. The case studies will be framed by our R&D team and will be announced after a strict scrutiny. These studies are not mere competitions to find out and award 1st ,2nd, or 3rd, but rather to enhance the learning perspective of interested teachers. The rules and regulations governing them will be announced together with the programs. Integro will not award rankings as above, but will complement the best solutions under a particular scenario and will be assessed by industry experts appointed by Integro for this purpose. The nature and scope of complement will be decided by the management from time to time.

    11. Annual Teacher Awards: Integro will initiate this program from the academic year 2022-2023 to honour teachers for their invaluable services in various fields under various categories. The type, scope and the value of such awards will be determined by the management through suitable mechanisms established for this purpose in tandem with the government and teacher associations across India. All relevant information pertaining to the selection process will be made available on our website at the right time.

    12. Job Opportunities with Integro: Only Gold plus members will be eligible for internal openings with Integro. They can apply through their dashboard on receiving information on such openings from time to time.

    13. Self-employment: Self-employment or franchising on Integro’s EdTech platform is available for Gold plus members only. Detailed terms and conditions will be made available when the module is announced in 2021.

    14. Advance Salary: This interest free service will be made available to Gold Plus members from 2023 under certain terms and conditions and company policies governing them. To quote a few, the applicant should be a Gold Plus member for at least two years with Integro, should be in service continuously with an institution for three years, a recommendation from the head of the institution and an approval and undertaking from the accounts department of the employer. Integro management is the sole authority to accept or reject an application in compliance with applicable norms set by the government governing financial transactions.

    15. Research, innovations and publications: Integro will encourage teachers to innovate technologies and write and publish books. To this end, Integro will extend suitable assistance be it technical, research or financial as deemed necessary and approved by the Board of Directors of the company.

    16. “Out of the box help” is extended by Integro to eligible teachers or their children in times of calamities to the extent possible and deemed necessary as decided by the management of Integro.

    17. Scholarships and sponsorships: Educational scholarships and sponsorships are member only features. Integro will help poor children as well as achievers to swim towards greater goals in life by awarding scholarships and sponsorships to the children of Gold plus members with Teacher Integro. The terms and conditions for such programs will be announced at an appropriate time.

    18. Force Majeur: The company is not responsible to render any of or all of the above services in time of natural calamities or an Act of God termed Force Majeure, such as floods, earthquakes pandemics, government lockdowns or any other unavoidable local circumstances that will inhibit the service provider in executing the committed services.

    19. Jurisdiction: For all circumstances leading to a legal redressal will be limited to courts and legal forums within Bangalore, India where THE COMPANY is headquartered.

    20. Intellectual Proprietary rights: On all contents displayed on our website and intellectual material developed by THE COMPANY for delivering its services such as video, audio, print contents, THE COMPANY will own the sole proprietary rights or copyrights governing them. The contents contributed by the members for the purpose of enhancing educational learning and sharing will be deemed open source contents which can be shared by all members under Teachers Integro.

    21. Breach of membership: All members under Teachers Integro are with due respect admonished and warned not to quote, or share our educational material given to them solely for training and self-improvement, outside the context of the intended purposes or with other entities in India or abroad that can lead to legal disputes. The member will be held responsible for such breach of confidence vested with their membership benefits.


    By clicking the checkbox / signing the printed document, I declare that I have read through the above information and terms and conditions governing my membership and accept to abide by them. I, hereby willingly join Teachers Integro and subscribe for the same without any compulsion or cohesion from any third party whatsoever.

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