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What is Teachers Integro?

  • Teachers Integro is the integration of teachers in India
  • It can be called the Teachers Club.
  • Place to nurture, grow and share educational talents on our platform
  • Integro, a platform to train, mould and support teachers
  • Integro, a platform to find suitable jobs and avail other welfare products exclusively for teachers.

Why Teachers INTEGRO?

Pre-Covid Scenario

  • The teacher community is ill-equipped to adapt to the changes in teaching and learning. i.e., they do not have sufficient on-going training programs that are affordable and suitable to their work-life apart from the teacher qualification they obtained years ago.
  • Integro intends to fill this gap by providing affordable yet quality training modules on weekdays and weekends by roping in industry experts from the best management schools across the globe, which they can attend for free from the comfort of their homes and get certified.

Post-Covid Scenario

  • Over 60% of the teachers have already had salary guts from their employers
  • Over 50% of the teachers in private institutions have lost jobs or likely to lose jobs
  • Over 10% fresh teaching aspirants are not going to get employed
  • Integro wishes to do something for this teacher community

Are you looking for improving your teacher qualification? Do you want to reskill and upskill in teaching? If yes, keep reading

Teacher Training Modules

Ongoing Teacher Education and Certifications (Free Training Modules round the year)

Advanced Teacher Education and Upskilling(Affordable Fee)

Integro's Global Workshops and Certifications (Affordable Fee Structure)

1. Ongoing Teacher Education and Certifications (Free Training Modules round the year)

  • Integro will devise appropriate training modules for all categories of the teacher force in India (pre-primary, primary, secondary, senior secondary and university levels). Integro will deliver these online training programs on all weekends round the year which is free for the teaching fraternity who are members of Teachers Integro.
  • Soft skills and personality development training will be made mandatory for all teachers and will be delivered over the weekends in both English and vernacular languages of their choice.
  • Integro will hire resource persons from premier training and management institutions like IIM, IISC, IIT and leading business schools across the globe to deliver short-term online training programs and certify the participants.
  • Generally, it will be a two days weekend training program stretched over 8 hours of sessions ending with an assignment. Teachers completing the course direction will be awarded a participation certificate.
  • All upcoming training programs will be posted one month in advance on our website for registration. All members will be intimated through Email and SMS.

2. Advanced Teacher Education and Upskilling(Affordable Fee)

The current need of the hour is upskilling and looking for job opportunities. In the new normal, teachers need to be techno-savvy in addition to their conventional teaching expertise. Covid-19 has unlocked new opportunities in the following areas.

  • Online educational content developers
  • Assessment creators
  • Digital teaching experts
  • Video presenters
  • Educational game developers
  • Data analysts
  • Sound engineers
  • Video recorders and editors
  • Customer support executives to handle parents and students
  • Technology enabled teaching (smart boards, google certification, augmented reality interface etc).

Integro will hire technical experts in each of the above domains and deliver a comprehensive training to the teachers at an affordable price and issue certifications.

Integro will provide the technology platform and tools to practice and deliver assignments as per the course direction.

Certified teachers will be pushed or marketed for job opportunities in institutions in their respective states.


  • Integro will establish educational tie-ups with leading training platforms across the globe to design, execute and certify teachers across the world, keeping affordability and service as its core values.
  • Integro will rope-in international faculties from renowned universities to design and offer teacher training workshops. These Workshops will be delivered online, spread over 8 - 12 weeks with a mix of lectures, guided research work and projects. These are fully automated courses, to be started anytime, attending classes at a time convenient to the teacher.
Integro Global Workshop Design
  • Theme: a single theme for the training
  • Duration: 8-12 weeks
  • Course design: 5 units animated by an expert resource person from top universities across the globe
  • Type: E-learning
  • Certification by course director, resource person, and a certifying body powered by Integro.
Resource Persons
  • Any published author, well known professor from a leading university, business school, college across the globe.
  • All workshops will be globally marketed by Integro on various platforms.
  • Resource persons can share their email ids with the participants and answer queries individually or collectively on a FAQ.
  • On successful completion of the workshop, certificates will be issued.
  • The resource person will monitor the course participants on a real-time mobile app and on the website.

Teachers, we treat you as our family and your worries are our concerns. Do you want to join the Teachers Integro Family? Do you want to avail a host of welfare products that are free of charge only for those in Teachers Integro Family? If yes, keep reading.

Teachers' Integro welfare products

All welfare products are exclusively for the members of Teacher's Integro, not open to other Teachers.

  • Discounted group medical insurance for self and family from top insurance firms.
  • Educational scholarships for the children of Teachers Integro.
  • Free student counselling and career guidance for children of Teachers Integro.
  • Sponsorship for talented children to pursue excellence in sports, arts and music.
  • Discounts on Tuitions Integro learning apps for teachers’ children.
  • Sponsored educational loans from leading banks for higher education.
  • Advance salary package for Gold plus members.
  • Promotion of innovations at the expense of 4KF Integro Pvt Ltd.
  • Assistance in Publishing Text Books and Journals.
  • "Out of the Box Help" in times of need.

If you have made up your mind, go ahead and buy a membership that suits your career. It’s a small annual fee opening a host of benefits. Once you signup and pay, you will be assigned a customer ID and a password that will take you to a dashboard specifically designed for you. You will have everything you need on your finger prints; create your profile, search and apply for jobs, upload a demo-class, subscribe for a newsletter, participate in Teacher Training Competitions (TTC), download and upload teacher resources and teaching aids (Teachers Corner), receive annual teacher awards, apply for welfare products for you and your children etc…

Also, ref: Terms and Conditions

Membership Process:

  • Teachers Integro was launched on September 5, Teachers Day, 2021. Subscriptions are open on our platform www.teachersintegro.com
  • Local BDA (Business Development Associates) are appointed to guide and help registrations in each state/district. They will be your prime point of contact. Alternatively, you can watch video on configuring and using your dashboard to avail various services.
  • After you sign up, you can pay online and receive an acknowledgment.
  • An Integro customer ID will be auto generated and you will be issued a login ID and a password.
  • You will be assigned a dashboard from which you can create your profile and showcase yourself to potential employers. All future interactions will be done through your dashboard. You will get personalized messages and emails on all activities that are happening in Teachers Integro.
  • The membership subscriptions are very minimal, Rs.3000 +GST per year to avail all the benefits listed under this membership.


    • Create your profile and make it visible for potential employers.
    • Print your CV instantly using your dashboard.
    • Create and upload a Demo-Class video to your profile.
    • Receive monthly newsletters on the education world in your preferred language (available in over 13 national languages).
    • Search and apply for Teaching/Admin jobs posted by thousands of institutions across India.
    • Get interview calls directly from potential employers and get notified.
    • Get access to Teachers’ Corner. Upload and Download Categorized Academic Documents.
    • Participate in free certified Professional Training Programs round the year.
    • Participate in monthly Teacher Training Competitions for teachers (TTC) and win cash awards.
    • Become eligible for annual teacher awards in various categories.
  • Access recordings of thousands of training contents (Docx, pptx, Audio and Video files)
  • Become eligible for job opportunities within Integro.
  • Become a mentor teacher and get paid monthly.
  • Become a research scholar working from home and get paid.
  • Become a resource person and trainer for teacher training workshops and get paid.
  • Get employed in Integro’s admin offices across India.
  • Start your own tutorial on Integro’s EdTech Platform (IntelliGi) and earn over Rs.1 lakh per month.
  • Become eligible for advance salary package (from the 3rd Year).
  • Get assistance for your research works.
  • Get your books and journals published through Integro. Get assistance and guidance from professionals for editing your book.

Lifetime Oppurtunity to Grow With 4KF Integro pvt Ltd.

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