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Welcome 4KF INTEGRO, integrating the world of educational institutions in India!

What is 4KF INTGRO?

4KF INTEGRO PVT LTD is a company dedicated to providing multiple educational services to educational institutions, teachers and students in India on a single platform.

What does 4KF INTEGRO offer?

Integro provides services in the following three categories:

  • Teaching and training services
  • Recruitment and management services
  • Procurement and Infra services

Why should you register on or

Registering with 4KF INTEGRO, you become a valuable member of our network of educational institutions in India, namely; schools, colleges, universities, technical institutes, higher educational institutes etc.

As members you will have free access to several service portals offered by Integro for example smart recruitments, smart procurements etc.

Registration is free for all the institutions! Register now. You will get a unique dashboard with a customer ID and password and you can access all services from the comfort of your office or home or while travelling.

What is a dashboard?

On the dashboard you will have the following features.

Creating your profile

You can add details pertaining to your institution and add an image to your profile page; you can also add details about the courses offered and other in campus facilities. You can add a link to your institution’s website and contact information. Teachers Integro will be launching a free access mobile app for parents and students in India providing information on educational institutions and services. Parents will be able to get information on institutions registered on our portal and will be directed to your website.

What is smart recruitment?

Smart recruitment enables you to advertise and/or recruit teaching and non-teaching staff on the go, 24/7.

Post jobs free

On clicking, you will be directed to a job posting page wherein you can key in all the features of a job that you intend to advertise for recruiting candidates. On submitting the job post, you will get a confirmation mail from Integro. You can set the duration of the job ad and close the job at any time from your dashboard.

The posted job is made visible to all registered teachers on What’s special about these teachers is that they are getting trained continuously round the year and keep themselves abreast of the educational trends and developments. They undergo soft skills and technical skill-oriented programs by leading industry experts.

Shortlisting candidates

The responses received for the posted jobs are intimated to the institution through mail. Institutions can also check real-time responses from their dashboard. Integro will provide a summary of categorized data on the candidates. For instance, name of the candidate, personal information, his or her work history, years of experience, special achievements, current work status, salary criteria etc.

Demo-class: Recruiters can also view the demo-class (10-15 min) posted by the candidates, thus simplifying the recruitment cycle.

Final interview:

The shortlisted candidates can be called for the final interview directly.

Recruitment fee:

Integro charges a bare minimum fee per candidate for such a vital service. While institutions will have to shell out a huge amount on advertising in newspapers and spend time and money on screening candidates, Integro will give all options for the institutions to screen and finalize the list of candidates to be called for the final interview. Now the institution can download the contact information of the selected candidates by paying a small fee as set by Integro from time to time. For instance, say Rs.2000 per candidate who is shortlisted for the final interview.


Integro will not interfere further into the internal matters of any institution in the recruitment process. It’s the sole liability of the institution to proceed further with their recruitment process. No more payments to be made and no agreements whatsoever to be executed with Integro.

Recruit teaching and non-teaching staff on Teachers Integro platform sans job posting

Institutions can also search and select candidates from our portal. You can fix several search criteria and filter candidates. For example, the state, city, location, pin code, category (primary, secondary, Montessori, engineering etc), number of years of experience etc.

After filtering data, recruiters can also view their demo-class or the job seeker’s video and shortlist further. The final list can be downloaded after paying a small fee per candidate.

Customized teacher training programs

Teachers training is one of the prime ventures of 4KF INTEGRO. Its modules are designed and delivered by industry experts in India and at times by trainers from abroad. Most of our training programs are online extending over 8-12 hours of training coupled with assignments to teachers. Integro also provides customized on-site training programs to target groups like teachers and administrators. Types of programs include soft-skill training, class room training, technical training, leadership training, senior leadership training, subject expert training etc. For detailed information, please ask for access to visit our training archives or send a support mail to [email protected].

Branding solutions to Institutions

Branding solutions include brand registration, targeted digital and social media marketing, print media and FM marketing, content writing, production of corporate videos, writing blogs, SEO services on existing websites etc.

Smart procurements (vendors and suppliers)

Our smart procurement service lists categorized data on all local vendors and suppliers for your annual procurement needs like uniforms, computers and accessories, stationary, printers, text book publishers, school furniture suppliers, lab equipment suppliers, architects and builders etc.

Management consulting and infra services

Integro also provides management consulting to enhance strategic management of an institution or a group of institutions, consultancy on change of managements, buying and selling of institutions, infrastructure linked financial services, BOT services for schools and colleges etc.

Services include procurement and supply of:

  • Uniforms, blazers, suits, bags
  • Teacher training modules
  • Teacher recruitment services
  • Computer lab
  • Physics lab
  • Chemistry lab
  • Biology lab
  • Mathematics lab
  • English lab
  • Upgraded school furniture
  • Painting needs of the institution
  • Provision of sports infrastructure (design and erection of playgrounds, courts, swimming pools etc)
  • Provision of smartboard teaching facilities
  • Provision of campus management software and networking of institution(s)
  • BOT (build, operate and transfer) of regular schools / international schools
  • Affiliation services to educational boards (CBSE, ICSE, IB, IGCSE)
  • Study abroad services (tie-up services)

Registration is free to all educational institutions. Register now

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