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    “Don't hesitate to discipline a child. It may save his life.”, says the Bible.

    The river that flows between its banks flows smoothly. Keep the embankment in good repair and the river won't overflow or destroy. This metaphor for the need for discipline was used by a speaker, a parent who had been through it all. “Kids,” she said “need boundaries and parents have been put there by God to mark them out. The child, being human, will want to adventure for that his/her spirit; but adventure where?”

    Researches have shown that families where the discipline lines are firmly drawn produce the most secure children.

    They know how far they can go and when to call a stop. This is a matter of laying down certain do's and don'ts when the child is young and then it develops into a habit. Give in to every demand that your child makes and you'll find yourself one day, wondering as many do, 'Where did I go wrong? I gave him everything he asked for but he doesn't respect me.' Why should he respect a pushover? He needs better role models and icons than you. So, don't lose your chance to win the respect of your child and in the bargain, perhaps lose your child.

    Learn to say 'NO'

    Educationists and psychologists are emphasizing the power of 'No' in the life of a child. Anything easily obtained has no value. It's the things we pay and struggle for that really have worth. Parents today are so eager to make their children happy that they fail to inculcate in them every value they want to teach. Everything of value comes by waiting and working hard. So even if your children call you 'Scrooge', don't give in. Train them, so that in later life they do not fall prey to depression and anxiety because they can not get what they want. If they do not work for what they want now, they will not be able to do it later. To stop children whining – the most irritation sound in the world – parents give in to their every whim. This is the sure road to destruction.

    Today, with the brand blitz and peer pressure, it has become very difficult to say 'No' to children – but it has to be done if values are to be children to wait for whatever they want. If they really want it, it will be worth waiting for. But it is to be hoped that you will set an example by curbing the instinct to take out your credit card every time you go shopping and shop as if there was no tomorrow.

    Train up a child in the way he should go; even if he is old, he will not depart from it. It may be the toughest part of parenting: learning how to discipline children. But ultimately, regardless of the type of discipline a parent uses, discipline offers kids many benefits.

    Discipline allows children to develop self-discipline, and helps them become emotionally and socially mature adults. There are many effective techniques that can help parents teach and guide their children. Disciplining your child means teaching them responsible behaviour and self-control. With appropriate and consistent discipline, your child will learn about consequences and taking responsibility for their own actions. The ultimate aim is to encourage the child to learn to manage both their feelings and behaviour.

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